Teamelite 02 THREE 2019

25 500 kr

A racing evolution

The high-performance discipline of cross-country racing has become, quite literally, a race to the top. Grueling, all-out sprints to the finish are supported with bikes whose maximum efficiency and minimum weight ethos pay no heed to compliance – until now. The BMC Teamelite 01 is the culmination of an evolution of race bike performance. Its unique combination of efficiency, traction, and fatigue-fighting compliance technology places it in a category of its very own, and raises the bar by setting new industry standards.
  • 02 Carbon, Tuned Compliance Concept, DTi
  • Rockshox Judy Gold RL, Solo Air, Remote (100mm), 15x110mm thru-axle
  • Shimano Deore (160/160mm)
  • Shimano Deore Alex MD25

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